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How to uninstall Time Doctor in Windows 7

In order to uninstall Time Doctor from Windows 7, follow these instructions:

1.) Log off, and close the Time Doctor applications [Same for Time Doctor Lite/ Pro or the new Time Doctor app (green one)].

2.) Click on the Windows Start button in the lower left corner.

3.) Click on "Control Panel".

4.) Click on "Uninstall a Program" under the "Programs" heading.

5.) Scroll down to find the Time Doctor application(s) and highlight it.

6.) Click "Uninstall/Change" at the top of the programs list.

7.) Verify the uninstallation.

Once Time Doctor is gone, you'll want to delete the local cache files as well. Click here to read how to find the local cache files. Then delete them once you've found them (no need to send them to us).

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