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How to Set Up PayPal MassPay with Time Doctor

Time Doctor enables you to export a .CSV file that is ready to upload to your PayPal Mass Pay account. Our blog discusses some of the relative benefits and drawbacks of this type of payment method.

1. To get started, you'll first need to make sure you have an active PayPal Mass Pay account. Contact PayPal to review the requirements.

2. You'll also need to know the PayPal email addresses for each user that you will be paying (this does not need to be the same as their Time Doctor email address). Contact your staff to obtain their individual PayPal account email addresses.

3. Navigate to the Payroll Settings page, and ensure Payroll is turned on for your company. Look for the PayPal ON/OFF button, and click on it:

4. You will also be asked to choose the currency that is in use by the sending Mass Pay account:

5. After the PayPal integration is active you'll be able to click on the current payment method and select PayPal Mass Pay. A new column will appear that comes prepopulated with the email address from that user's Time Doctor account. Be sure to verify that the email address listed on the user's PayPal account is entered in that column:

6. Then, when generating payroll reports from the Payroll History or Custom Payroll pages, you'll see the PayPal payments broken out into a separate section, along with a Downloadable CSV button:

7. The resultant CSV file will be formatted and ready for upload to your PayPal Mass Pay account:

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