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How to integrate Salesforce with Time Doctor

Here you will find instructions on how to quickly and easily link your Salesforce account to your Time Doctor account so you can track time on Salesforce tasks from the within the Time Doctor desktop application.

First you'll need to check your Salesforce account type. You will need the Salesforce API to be enabled on your account to sync with Time Doctor. The following accounts have the API enabled by default: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance Editions. If you have the Professional Edition, you can purchase the API access by contacting Salesforce Support. The Concact and Group Editions do not have the API available, and therefore can not sync with Time Doctor.

Also, if another user has logged into Salesforce on your current browser session, it is important that they log out completely from the Salesforce website so that Time Doctor doesn't sync with their account by accident. It's okay if you are logged into the Salesforce account that you do wish to integrate with.

To check what type of account you have, log in to your Salesforce account, add this as a suffix to the salesforce url after logging in:ui/setup/Setup?setupid=AdminSetup

Once you are confident that your version of Salesforce supports the necessary API, continue on to step one of the integration process.

(Reglar users or managers can skip to step 7 after their administrator or company owner has enabled the company's integration.)

1.) For company owners or admins: Before individuals in a company can enable the integration, the company owner or admin will need to turn on the integration for the whole company on the company integrations page. The company owner or admin can get there from the main Time Doctor web dashboard by clicking on left menu bar -> click on company logo -> Company Integration

2.) Find and select the Saleforce integration from the list of available options

3.) You'll see this screen where you can click the "Turn it on" link to continue

4.) If you are not logged into Salseforce in your current browser session, you will be asked to log in. Then you will be prompted to allow Time Doctor access to your Salesforce account. Click on Allow to continue

5.) A success screen will be displayed letting you know that the integration is now ON

Once the above is complete, each user can integrate their Salesforce account with their own Time Doctor accounts.

6.) For regular users or managers to integrate with Salesforce (after your company owner or admin has enabled the integration), navigate to the left menu bar -> click on company logo -> Your Integrations in order to enable Salesforce integration

7.) If your are not logged into Salesforce in your current browser session, then you will be asked to log in. You well need to verify that you are allowing Time Doctor to have access. See #4 above for screenshots of these steps. The Time Doctor integration page should look like this upon completion

8.) Finally, review this quick tutorial for instructions on how to get the tasks from Salesforce to show up in the Time Doctor Desktop application.

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