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How to integrate Intellinote with Time Doctor

This short help document will walk you through integrating your Intellinote account to your Time Doctor account so you can easily track time on Intellinote tasks from within the Time Doctor desktop application.

Also, if another user has logged into Intellinote on your current browser session, it is important that they log out completely from the Intellinote app site and the Intellinote API site so that Time Doctor doesn't sync with their account by accident. It's okay if you are logged into the Intellinote account that you do wish to integrate with.

(Regular users or managers can skip to step 6 after their administrator or company owner has enabled the company's integration in steps 1-5.)

1.) For company owners or admins: Before individuals in a company can enable the integration, the company owner or admin will need to turn on the integration for the whole company on the company integrations page by clicking on left menu bar -> click on company logo -> select

2.) If you are not logged in to your Intellinote account, you will first see a prompt for your username and password. Enter your credentials then click on the blue button to grant Time Doctor access:

3.) The success page will appear once the integration is complete:

4.) The next step is to inform the users in your company that the integration is now active. In order to see the tasks inside your own Time Doctor desktop application, review this information.

5.) For users or managers: After the company has authorized the integration, each individual in the company who wishes to use the Intellinote integration will then need to navigate to their own personal integration page from the main web dashboard by clicking on left menu bar -> click on company logo -> Integration Settings

7.) As seen in step #2 above, you'll be asked to log in if you are not already logged in. Once you are logged in, you'll have to authorize Time Doctor to have access to you account. See step three for screenshots of how these steps will appear.

8.) When the integration is successful, a success screen will show you the integration is turned on:

9.) Be sure to review these instructions on how to get the tasks to show up in your Time Doctor desktop client. Now you can start tracking time!

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