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How to change screenshot settings in Time Doctor

You need Administrator access in order to change your screenshot settings. If you are not an Administrator, please contact your company's administrator to request your changes.

There are four settings you can change when it comes to screenshots:

1) Screenshots Active - on/off for the whole company or individual user.

2) Screenshot interval - Company wide and individual user setting - ranges from 3 minutes to 30 minutes, in 3 minute increments.

3) Allow users to delete their own screenshots - Company wide setting - Yes or No.

4) Allow Managers to view screenshots - Prevents Managers from seeing screenshots of users they manage.

To change the company wide settings for screenshots, log into your Time Doctor account and navigate to Settings > Company Settings. On the right side of the Company Settings page you will see the two options, "Allow deletion of screenshots" and "Screenshot interval. Set them to preference:

To change the user specific screenshot settings (enable or disable screenshots for each user), from the Time Doctor dashboard, navigate to Settings > Manage Users:

To change screenshots interval for all or individual users, please go to Advanced Settings from Manage Users page:

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