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How do I manually edit my time on the Edit Time page in Time Doctor?

This article will show you how to edit your own time manually. Please be aware that Regular Users and Managers can only edit their own time. Administrators and Owners are able to edit the time(s) of other people they are set to manage, as well as their own personal time.

For account owners: Please make sure that New Edit Time page is activated in Settings > Company Settings.

From the Time Doctor dashboard, go to Edit Time:

In this example we will show how to change the Task and Project name if you have tracked time for a wrong task or project.

Please note that you have two way to view your time - Timeline View and List View:

To change task and/or project name in Timeline view, click on the time entry that you want to edit and fill in the fields

To change task and/or project name in list view, click on the pencil icon next to a time entry and fill in the fields:

If you wish to add time block while you were away from the computer, you may add your time by select the time block with no tracked time, fill in the name of the task and project (leave the start and end time since it has been pre-selected), and then enter your reason and hit Save.

Alternatively, you can drag time block to add as much time as you want:

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