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General information on Reports & the Dashboard

There are currently eight types of reports (including the Dashboard) available for viewing within Time Doctor. (If you think of any additional reports you'd like to see, do not hesitate to contact us at We track feature requests very closely so that our users can get the most out of Time Doctor.)

You can access these reports from any page of by hovering your mouse over "Reports" in the left panel on the screen

1.) Dashboard. The Dashboard is the page you'll see when you first log into your Time Doctor account online. For managers, it shows a handy at-a-glance view of each user's current status (on the left), their total time worked for the day (or week), and the times that they worked. It does the same for a non-manager, but it will only show that particular user's information. You may move your mouse cursor over the timeline to see which tasks were being worked on, and for how long. You can also change the date range in the upper right hand corner

2. Timesheet. The Timesheet Report is a simple way to display the total amount of payable time worked for a given day, for all users, across a range of dates (or on a single day). More information on the Timesheet Report.

3. Time Use. The Time Use Report shows a break down of the total time worked by each user, as well as the amount of time spent on each of their tasks (& the associated projects). More information on the Time Use Report..

4. Timeline. The Timeline Report shows a detailed by-the-minute breakdown of a single day's activity for a selected user(s). The Timeline Report is for viewing only, and has no export or print options. More information on the Timeline Report.

5. Poor Time Use. The Poor Time Use Report shows when a user visits a website which may not be work related. The reason why it is "potential" poor time use is that some of these websites such as Facebook or YouTube sometimes are used for work. You need to decide if it is truly work related. Only websites that are used for 10 minutes or more are included in this report. More information on the Poor Time Use Report.

6. Web & App Usage. The Web & App Usage Report shows you which website & applications you or your employees used while working (unless you've turned web & application tracking off). This report allows you to view, print, and export that information. Managers will receive a weekly report which includes time spent on emails, chat, and a breakdown of websites and applications that were used. Individual users receive the same report outlining their own time usage stats. More information on the Web & App Usage Report.

7. Projects. The Projects Report shows you how much time is being spent on which projects, and by whom. It can also show detail on the dates that each user worked on each project. More information on the Projects Report.

8. Attendance. The Absent & Late Report shows you who was absent or late for their scheduled work hours and the reasons why. The generated report can be exported as a .CSV or .XLS file. (Users can add their reasons for being absent or late by selecting "Absent and Late Status" from the "Payroll" menu.) More information on the Absent & Late Report.

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