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Cancel your Time Doctor account

If you need to cancel your Time Doctor account for any reason, just email us at with the request. We'd be happy to assist you.

(We'd love it if you could share some information about what made you decide to leave Time Doctor, so we can look for areas in which we need to improve.)

There are two ways to cancel your Time Doctor account:

  • 1.) We can remove your payment method(s) and let your account go into a suspended status. We recommend taking this course of action if you need to cancel so that you don't lose any time tracking data or account information. You will never be financially obligated to pay paste-due invoices for services we provided in the past - we always bill in advance.
  • 2.) We can delete your account entirely. This option means you will lose all account information and tracked data forever. This can not be undone.


Sometimes, we receive emails from Managers or Assistants who are tasked by their Administrators to cancel the account for them. We can allow this, however, in these cases, to ensure that we are not cancelling the account without the Administrator knowing and to protect the interest of the company owner, we require that an email cancellation request be sent to using the same email address that has been used to create Time Doctor account. We need to be sure that we don't have any unwanted cancellations and this is also for the security of the account. Only then we can cancel the account for you.

For questions, comments or feedback regarding this topic, please send an email to