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Can users in one company have different time zones?


But, please note that all the time that users track will be recorded based on the company time zone.

This article shows how to change an individual user time zone, and the company's time zone, inside Time Doctor.

To change a user time zone, go to your Time Doctor Web Dashboard and navigate to Settings > User Settings:

On the Users Settings page, look to the left and you'll see an option to change your time zone:

To change a company time zone, log in as an Administrator or Owner to the Time Doctor Web Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Company Settings:

Look to the lower left corner, where you'll see the option to change the company's time zone setting:

Please be aware, any changes to the company's time zone setting could have temporary adverse effects on hours tracked in your company, as it takes up to 48 hours for the time change to work through the system across all users. We recommend changing this setting early, before any users start logging time in your company. If you do have to change it later, we suggest changing it at the start of a weekend, when few users will be tracking time.

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