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Attendance reports overview

The Attendance Report lets a manager see who was absent or late each day and the reason(s) for each event. The generated report can be exported as a .CVS or .XLS file. (Users or managers can add notes about attendance events by navigating to Payments > Edit Absent/Late Reasons from the Dashboard.)

After logging into your account from the Time Doctor Web Dashboard, navigate to the Absent & Late Report page by clicking on Reports > Attendance:

On the main Attendance Report page, there are four things to do in order to prepare a report:

1.) Choose which users you'd like to include in the report.

2.) Select the duration and/or date range for the report.

3.) Check /Uncheck any line items you want to remove from the Attendance Report

4.) Export the resultant report in either .CSV or .XLS formats.

5.) Edit the time if needed

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