Elevate team performance with data-driven tools

With Time Doctor's suite of comprehensive, data-driven tools, you'll unlock actionable insights that enable you to work smarter, not harder, and optimize efficiency to drive revenue.

Time tracking

  • Get peace of mind that teams are actively working on the right things
  • Gain visibility for all types of workers - whether they’re remote, hybrid or in-office
  • Increase billing accuracy and optimize payroll
Time Doctor Analytics
Automated time tracking

Eliminate manual time tracking and increase timesheet accuracy


Ensure compliance and encourage a better work-life balance

Offline tracking

Employees can easily account for all time worked, even when offline

Internet Connectivity Report

Understand hardware or connectivity issues that decrease productivity

User-controlled desktop app

Empower employees to self-manage with our non-intrusive desktop app

Silent tracking

Track time without interfering with an employee’s daily routines and tasks

Productivity analytics

  • Eliminate inefficiencies, improve processes, and control costs
  • Gain insight into coaching needs and process weakness
  • Empower everyone to self-manage and self-improve with accurate data
Time Doctor Analytics
Web and app usage

Identify the most productive employees and work patterns by analyzing what websites and apps are used

Timeline report

Get a breakdown of daily workflows and behaviors to find areas for improvement

Project and task management

Stay up to date on project and task progress and understand how much time is spent

Hours tracked report

Account for all time worked, including productive, non-productive, manual and mobile time

Custom data exports

Create your own reports to include the data and views that fit your specific operational needs

Client login access

Build client trust by providing custom access to Time Doctor to give them instant progress reports and updates

Integrations for deeper insights

Time Doctor offers over 60+ third party integrations through our Chrome and Firefox extensions so you can integrate with all your usual workday tools to collect productivity data in one centralized tool.


Employee monitoring

  • Real-time visibility of online and offline activity gives you accurate workforce metrics
  • See who is actively working right now, and what is core and non-core work
  • Ensure compliance with local laws and mitigate the risks of non-compliance
Time Doctor Employee
Optional screenshots

Keep accurate proof of work and identify training opportunities faster

Activity summaries

Understand everyone’s daily activities and create benchmarks to establish best practice

Inactivity alerts

Set up friendly reminders to keep employees focused and on-task and to alert leaders to absences

Real-time dashboards

Create new levels of visibility by giving leaders and clients instant insights and progress updates

Ethical video screen recording

Ensure compliance and proof of work with customizable (and optional) screen recording

Manual editing and approvals

Save valuable time for managers by granting employees limited time editing access with optional approvals

Workforce management

  • Increase visibility and accountability of hybrid and flexible workers
  • Identify employee engagement and satisfaction issues to retain talent
  • Automate repetitive admin work so your teams can focus on more strategic and added-value tasks
Time Doctor Management

Automate and improve the accuracy of your attendance records and processes

Work schedules

Create custom work schedules then monitor your schedule adherence


Easily integrate with your favorite tools for a faster and more optimized payroll

Daily email notifications

Set up custom, daily notifications based on the performance triggers you need to track the most

Real-time email notifications

Get real-time alerts of non-compliance or exceptional results to stay ahead of productivity and client issues

Work-life balance metrics

Promote and encourage employee wellness by identifying those most at risk of burnout

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user / month

Billed annually or $7 month-to-month

For teams that require enhanced reporting and greater accountability




user / month

Billed annually or $14 month-to-month

Designed for teams who need advanced workday analytics



user / month

Billed annually or $20 month-to-month

Perfect for enterprise teams who need customizable analytics and flexibility

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