Contact Quality

What is Contact Quality?

Contact quality helps measure the efficiency and effectiveness of conversations between customer service representatives and customers. In other words, it measures how well your agents meet the needs of your customers.

This involves analyzing things like:

  • If the agent was polite, professional, and understanding during the call.
  • If they were able to solve the problem at hand.

The customer should hang up feeling like they had a positive experience, and the instructions delivered to solve the issue were clear.

How to Measure Contact Quality

One of the easiest ways to determine call quality is to record and monitor an agent while they’re on a live call with a customer. After the call is complete, you can sit with the agent to review the actions taken during the call.

Most call centers use comprehensive evaluation forms or scorecards that give managers and supervisors the proper criteria to analyze an agent’s performance.

Some of these criteria include:

  • Being courteous and professional.
  • Using appropriate greetings and following the call center script.
  • Capturing customer data accurately.
  • Ensuring customers are provided with correct and relevant information.
  • Following compliance procedures.

Now, focusing only on the negative aspect can hinder your team’s productivity in the long run. Along with evaluation and feedback, you should also appreciate your employees.

If an agent was able to solve a complex problem quickly and leave the customer delighted, you could use it as an example to train other employees.

Additionally, conducting contact quality reviews also opens up an opportunity to monitor a call center’s internal processes.

For example, you might notice that your support team needs to reduce your customer's time on hold. To optimize this, agents should follow up with complex issues later or escalate them to experts, enabling them to take on more customer calls.

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