Yigit Konur

Without Time Doctor, tracking performance is unbelievably hard to do!

Yigit Konur


Can you tell us a bit about your company? What do you do?

We're SEOzeo, a leading SEO community / consultancy agency which provides services for top brands located in Turkey. We help our clients rank in better Google's organic search results. Our clients include well known global & international brands like Pepsico, Yves Rocher, Ernst Young, Milliyet and TRT.

Time Doctor has added a gaming element to our team's work day. They see when other employees begin and end each day, and they try to outdo each other.

Do you have any stories about using Time Doctor in your company? Any examples of how you used it with your team and what happened?

Our company believes in internal transparency and sharing all data openly. That's why in our Time Doctor account, everybody is a manager of all people so time data can be seen by everyone. Even though we don't believe that high competition between team members is beneficial, we have seen that Time Doctor's system adds a bit of gamification in the company. Employees get to see when other employees begin and end their work day, and the employees try to outdo each other. We integrated Time Doctor into our company Slack account, so that we're tracking time and showing results with all team!

How many staff do you have and where do they live? Are they in an office or working from home?

We've tried both ways, home and office. We went to a full time remote company for 7 months. During this time, we discovered Time Doctor.

Now the entire team, 17 people in total, all work in one of our two offices. They're either in the Ankara office or our main office in Istanbul.

Can you tell us how you use Time Doctor in your company and what the benefits are from using the tool?

Time Doctor changed how we approach work. For us, the number of hours worked doesn't necessarily indicate an employee's output, but it is a strong signal of high-performing team members. As a 24-year-old rookie CEO, I discovered that getting a deep-dive analysis of all performance data was too overwhelming. Since I hate micro-managing my employees, I'm able to see the big picture of my team's performance by analyzing time spent on projects. Time Doctor's new API helps us to integrate data to our internal performance review systems.

What challenges did you have before that are now solved by using Time Doctor in your company?

Without Time Doctor, tracking performance is unbelievably hard to do! Understanding who begins work on time, or seeing which team members are putting in the extra effort is extremely hard to track and normally requires me to micromanage my employees, which I absolutely hate.

We're one of the fastest growing SEO companies in the region. Time Doctor is the employee management tool that allows us to scale our team more easily.