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Maritess Pasag

Time Doctor Increased our Agents Productivity by 20%

Maritess Pasag

Allie Pasag started small. She never intended to build a virtual assistant business. She started off with one client. Then another. Then another.

The biggest difference, she says is the personal touch she provides her clients. This is Allie's secret sauce. And her fuel for growth.

When she began, she was a single virtual assistant working in a spare bedroom. Now, she has 20 agents. And she needs to make sure that each agent provides her clients with the same care and service that she did in the early days of her business.

The tool she uses is Time Doctor.

Before using Time Doctor, Allie noticed that some of her new agents weren't producing as much as they should have. When she started using Time Doctor, Allie saw that they would inevitably browse Facebook or other sites not related to their work.

Time Doctor's friendly nudges ensure that the agents quickly refocus on the work the client is paying them to do.

20% Increase

In Monthly Productivity

Three Favorite Time Doctor Features

Friendly Reminders

Friendly Reminders

Sometimes Allie's agents browse sites that aren't related to work. The friendly reminders make sure the agents refocus before they waste too much time.



Allie likes the easy access to detailed reports that show her how productive her agents are.

Desktop Tool

Desktop Tool

If a job doesn't require an internet connection, Allie or her agents will often work offline. She appreciates that Time Doctor's desktop client will sync with the web app as soon as they're back online.

"With Time Doctor, our Clients Don't Question Our Integrity"

Time Doctor solved the number 1 challenge that each VA company has - Monitoring of Time and Work done, Billing our clients accurately.

Maritess Pasag

Maritess Pasag

With a "pay by the hour" virtual assistant business, trust is everything. Clients need assurance that the work they're paying for will be complete in a timely fashion.

Since most of Allie's clients are based in the United States (she is in the Philippines), her clients used to continuously ask if Allie's agents were actually working.

Time Doctor provided the answer to their questions and left the clients at ease and at peace. The client is able to directly see that the agent is working on the task at hand.

What would you say to an agency looking to use Time Doctor?

Maritess "Allie" Pasag:

“In our line of business, our most important goal is to deliver great service to our clients as efficiently as possible. In order to track the time spent on each task and the tasks that your agents are working on, Time Doctor is your best choice.

Having everything in one place (Time Tracking, Task Management, Billing and Reporting) will save you money, will give your clients an assurance that you will take care of them and will lastly and most importantly will help you track your Virtual Assistants hours so they are as productive as possible. Time Doctor is a triple WIN solution – for you, your VAs and your Clients.”