New Redesigned Daily Email Report

We have redesigned the daily email report to give more focus around projects (for those companies that have projects activated). Here is a look at the newly designed email:

daily work summary

We wanted to redesign the email give a more visual over-view of your data. I hope that you like the redesign and please let us know any feedback that you have about it.

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  • Martins

    Great visualisation. Are there plans to make this report on weekly and monthly basis? Will this graphical visualisation be available in online dashboard as well so we can look at project time share in different time periods?
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    • Rob Rawson

      We are planning on a better graphical interface for individuals on the dashboard. We haven't decided on the team dashboard yet, as if there are a lot of people it's hard to fit the pie charts on the page. Re weekly and monthly emails thanks for the suggestion, it's not something we have plans for right now but we could develop it in the future.
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  • Arief Widyananda

    This is great! Thanks team!
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