Compare Screen Monitoring Software for Remote Teams

There are a few screen monitoring software tools on the market that will help you determine what your employees are working on at any given point in time.

In this article, we will introduce you to five such tools and give you the pros and cons of each tool.

After you check out these tools, be sure to learn why most screenshot monitoring tools don’t work.  That way you can make an informed decision.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor (that’s us) is a complete screen monitoring solution that you can use to track how your employees are spending their work day.  This is a critical feature because it allows you to determine if an employee is using an application that automatically moves the mouse without them being present at their computer or laptop.Time Doctor’s screen monitoring software comes equipped with keyboard and mouse recording.  That way you know whether or not a user is actually working to their fullest capability to complete a given task.


TimeCamp is a very good screen monitoring software tool with a multitude of integrations to connect to. However, TimeCamp does not record keyboard and mouse activity like Time Doctor does. So there are ways that your employees and freelancers can “trick” the system.  TimeCamp allows the user to automatically track time, which means it requires very little interaction from the user.


ActivTrak is a freemium based solution that purports to block certain websites that the manager of the company wishes to keep his or her employees from visiting.  However, because ActivTrak doesn’t have a custom tasks and projects and real time vs. manual differentiation, this is relatively easy for employees to circumnavigate. It can be run invisibly and is effective  as long as you don’t need any mobile apps or integrations (See Time Doctor for why this is important). Teams under five users are free, with limited features.

Screenshot Monitor

This is a lightweight freemium version tool that allows you to capture screenshots as well as monitor web and app activity of your employees.  However, there are no integrations.  So if your team spends most of it’s time in JIRA or Basecamp or Github completing projects, you won’t be able to read the data from the project tool.  You will need to export it to a csv.

Tools like Time Doctor, TimeCamp, and ActivTrak are good for remote workers who should be able to stop tracking time whenever they wish.  But for employees working on premise on company hardware, a continuous background monitoring solution is more appropriate because spending lots of time on personal activities is not expected.  Unlike these other applications, works behind the scenes and doesn’t require user input of any kind to operate.  It’s always on. can be interactive, but most companies make use of it’s silent mode to monitor and rate the websites and applications that employees use over time.  It has a very strong API that lets you build out custom, fully automated solutions for almost any tool.

Using Time Doctor as employee monitoring software

Time Doctor is designed for improving productivity rather than just monitoring workers. Monitoring is useful but it’s only a part of what is needed to improve productivity.

Our software includes: priority tracking, screenshot monitoring, monitoring web sites visited and applications used on the computer and time tracking.

The software automatically puts users on a break if they move away from the computer. This means that time tracked for your remote working team will be accurate.

There are also project management features under development where you can quickly allocate tasks to users (faster than any existing web based project management software).

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    Computers are necessary for every business’ smooth operation. However, they can lead to a low level of productivity and huge losses when used for the wrong reasons. Your employees may waste time and bandwidth surfing irrelevant websites or using irrelevant applications. Worse, your business’ data and information is always at the risk of leaking to competitors, putting your investment at risk. iMonitor EAM is the leading employee monitoring software guaranteed to give your absolute control over your employees computer activity. You can monitor every click and keystroke to determine productive and unproductive computer usage. You can also restrict access to irrelevant sites and applications and even block the use of external drives and suspicious activity such as copy pasting and email attachments. Keep your employees on their toes for smooth business operation and growth – use iMonitor EAM to monitor every click and keystroke on your employees’ computers.
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  • Janelle36T

    Good post. I'm dealing with a few of these issues as well..
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    Great post.
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  • Mikey

    Some time ago I used this one for real time monitoring -
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  • Screen monitoring

    Good computer tracking software will help you to log and trace all your computer's activities and IP address even though you are away from your computer.
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    • rob

      If you are away from the computer why would you want to track the computer's activities?Re the IP address, this is very easy to track, but I'm not sure how useful it is as some internet connections have a rotating IP address for example.
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