How to Choose Between Time Doctor Lite and Pro

We have two versions of the Time Doctor desktop application, Lite and Pro. There is no additional cost for Pro. It’s a more advanced version of the software that’s better for organizing your tasks. Both versions are available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

So how do you choose between the two versions?

Time Doctor Lite
Time Doctor Lite is the more simplified version of the software. It’s useful if you do not need to manage your tasks into list and want to keep everything a bit more straight-forward and easy to use.

Time Doctor Pro

Time Doctor Pro is better for organizing your tasks into folders and lists. It’s also possible to edit your task names in the pro version. It’s also better for integration such as Asana and Basecamp because it’s easier to see the list of integrations and filter them with the search bar at the top.

So you are probably better off with Time Doctor Pro if:

  1. You are using Integrations
  2. You are using permanent tasks
  3. You would like to organize or edit your tasks

It is also possible in the pro version to add and edit notes on each task.

We are also planning in the future to integrate both versions into one so there will no longer be two separate versions, but for now you will have to choose one version or the other.

Mobile apps

The mobile apps are great for people that need to track time on the go. They are not designed for people working from a computer and instead are designed for team members that are working outside of the office, for example salespeople or delivery people.

Time Doctor mobile app

The Chrome App is another way to track time, but is currently designed only for Chromium OS. We are planning to change that in the future and launch a version of the Chrome App which is suitable for anyone who has Google Chrome on their computer. It will be an alternative to using one of the desktop apps and it will still have features such as screenshot tracking (however it will not have the web and application use tracking that we have as an option on the desktop apps).


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