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At Time Doctor we’ve gone through a lot and in March 2015 on our 3 year anniversary we broke through 1,000,000 work hours tracked per month. We’re now helping employers and employees see where time is spent throughout 109 countries.

Since we first launched, our goal has been to empower people to work wherever they want, whenever they want. It’s been a long road to reach 1 million hours tracked per month, so we want to quickly show you how we got there.

What can you do with 1,000,000 hours of work a month?

You can send a spaceship to Mars 1,082 times

9​42 hours for a single trip

You can eat a family dinner 50,000 times

2​0 minutes per meal on average

Generate $7,250,000 at the U.S. minimum wage

$7.25 as a national average


March 2012


Hours tracked

March 2013


Hours tracked

March 2014


Hours tracked

March 2015


Hours tracked

Remote businesses are the future of work

We’ve seen an evolution in work over the last few years where remote work has stopped becoming just the cheap option for companies and has started becoming the right option to not just find reduce costs, but also to find the best talent. A growing number of companies are choosing to be distributed instead of local and are growing to billion dollar plus valuations without physical offices.

At Time Doctor our focus is on allowing customers to build distributed teams so they can work wherever and whenever they want. We’ve seen huge growth in the “remote work” sector in the last few years.

Time to 1,000,000 hours a month in the Outsourcing World
Time to 100 million a year in payroll


Launched 1998

Time to 1,000,000 hours a month in the Outsourcing World:
9 years *
Time to 100 million a year in payroll:
13 years *


Launched 2004

Time to 1,000,000 hours a month in the Outsourcing World:
8 years *
Time to 100 million a year in payroll:
10 years *

Upwork (Former oDesk)

Launched 2003

Time to 1,000,000 hours a month in the Outsourcing World:
7.7 years *
Time to 100 million a year in payroll:
7 years *

Time Doctor

Launched 2012

Time to 1,000,000 hours a month in the Outsourcing World:
3.1 years
Time to 100 million a year in payroll:
3.3 years

We have Daily active customers in over

109 different countries

Who depend on Time Doctor to run their work day

We Eat Our Own Dog Food

At Time Doctor we have over 50 employees in 15 different countries, and we all use Time Doctor to track our work. Our two co-founders are in Ottawa Canada and Sydney Australia and the city with the most Time Doctor employees is Cebu in the Philippines, where everyone works from home. We’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

New Features we’ve built in the past 12 months

Time Doctor Payroll

We’ve built a payroll feature which allows companies to pay their employees easily & accurately based on hours tracked with Time Doctor.

To get money into ANY country in the world for as little as 1% and sometimes even lower, we’ve partnered and integrated with some of the best payment systems in the world.

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Time Doctor Clients View

If you have clients, this new feature allows you to give your clients insight into the work your team is doing for them. You can give your clients access reports on specific employees or projects, and you can create a white labelled login for your clients on your own domain, so that they don’t see Time Doctor branding anywhere.

Did we also mention that this feature is COMPLETELY FREE with every Time Doctor account? You can add an unlimited number of accounts for your clients.

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Time Doctor API

We’ve been working on our API for a solid year and Time Doctor is finally ready to connect to the rest of the world.

The API allows your own software application to interact directly with Time Doctor. Got a project management app? Pull your Time Doctor data into it directly. Want to create a customized dashboard for your company? You can build it with a few lines of code.

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We’ve worked hard to create intuitive and useful integrations that our customers use everyday. Now tasks and time from a huge selection of top end apps can be tracked with Time Doctor.

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